About NTE

Treading the well-worn paths of social media may be okay for some promotional campaigns but it has its limitations. When you try to find a place for your business online you are one of countless others, all competing for attention and each trying to outdo the other with website razzmatazz. Fail to catch the eye of the punter and you’re doomed!

Every online campaign suffers from the same defect: they all lack the impact that comes with face-to-face contact. Northern Tech Events is putting this right by offering companies a route out of these promotional straitjackets.

IT people are the lifeblood of companies that strive to maintain and develop their market positions. We are all on the same quest for innovation and originality and know that technical expertise is the driver of both. Companies may already have their range of competencies but there is always room for skill-development – those strands of thought and imagination that lie just out of reach.

Northern Tech Events will provide a platform for companies and highly rated IT specialists to chew the technical fat. This is a stark departure from digital promotion and, we believe, everyone gains. Companies can “flag up” their technical profile and share their aspirations with those who understand both the language and the problems. For sure, the exchange will raise a few ‘I-hadn’t-thought-of-that’ moments – this is how innovators borrow from the stock of ideas and ply their trade.

No such thing as a free lunch? There is now. The technical boys and girls in attendance get one and will not only have a pint and some good grub, but a chance to keep up with the latest projects and to reflect on, and debate, their charms and potential.

Northern Tech Events has unique networking skills and will provide you with a bespoke audience for your presentation. You will have the opportunity to talk about your creative concepts and increase your exposure to the leading technical people in Leeds and its surrounding districts. You will bring a community together and sit at the centre of it. Is this a new way of marketing and image showcasing? A new way of harvesting ideas? We believe so.

Let’s do lunch.